Outdoor wedding

Bring your wedding ceremony into open air!

We invite you to organize your wedding at the Cedar Manor House.

We offer you specially prepared place to conduct the ceremony among the Żuławy fields or in a traditional Żuławy hut.

We guarantee you professional advice and help in taking care of all the formalities.

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Outdoor weddings


We encourage you to organize a wedding in the Wooden Grill Hut among the scenery of the Żuławy fields. A commemorative event outdoors is a perfect alternative to the traditional family gatherings. The surrounding nature, delicious cuisine served displayed on a buffet table and from a barbecue, the family atmosphere of the Cedar Manor House – all of it will make everyone feel right at home.


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tel.: 885 300 332 lub e-mail.: kontakt@cedrowydworek.pl

Our outdoor offer

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